OUR Team

K-Group is a family business in the truest sense.
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Mahesh T. Kukreja


Mahesh is an entrepreneur who has spent 40 years building successful businesses in the plastic recycling, dry fruit and real estate industries. Born and raised in India, he moved to the U.S. in 1970 and started K-Group’s initial venture, a dry fruit export business. He opened his first plastic recycling plant in 1979, and further diversified the group’s interests into commercial real estate in 1989. Known and respected for his sincerity and integrity, he continues to guide his sons and daughter in growing K-Group’s plastics and dry fruit businesses, as well as investing in commercial real estate in the tri-state area.

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Vishal M. Kukreja

Vishal began his career in corporate finance after earning a degree in Finance and International Business from the NYU Stern School of Business. He spent two years working as a financial analyst in New York before deciding to focus on commercial real estate. Vishal worked for several years with a small real estate investment firm, learning to acquire distressed properties and renovate, lease and manage them. He joined the family business in 2003, concentrating on sales, procurement and finance in both the plastic recycling and real estate divisions.

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Shiv Kukreja

Shiv has developed an extensive resume that includes consulting, marketing and finance. He graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Economics and Psychology, and worked as a financial analyst for two years prior to joining VISH GROUP in 2005. Shiv’s responsibilities include sales, purchasing and plant management, and he has been instrumental in developing new business opportunities while continuously providing value and innovative solutions to clients.

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Tina Kukreja

After earning a Masters degree in Education from New York University in 2007, Tina briefly worked in the field before Mahesh and Vishal convinced her to help them grow VISH GROUP. Her significant organizational and project management expertise, combined with an analytical approach to problem solving, have resulted in exponential expansion during her tenure. Tina’s responsibilities include personnel management and financial control.

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Melissa Arias

Melissa joined VISH GROUP in 2008. Her experience with international trade makes her a perfect fit for handling export documentation and shipping line control. With Melissa’s knowledge and attention to detail, our clients can rest assured that their invoicing and export documentation will meet international standards and compliance.

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Barbara Cummings

Barbara brings to VISH GROUP a background in recycling and insurance, coupled with exceptional organizational skills. Her responsibilities include logistics and customer service, and she prides herself on responding promptly to client issues and as well as meeting our goals for providing pickups within 48 hours of notice.

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Tim Rawal

As VISH GROUP’s warehouse manager, Tim is in charge of what comes in and out of our plants from across the country. He is also the maternal uncle of Vishal, Tina and Shiv, further cementing K-Group’s reputation as a family-run business.

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Tony Salino

Tony is an undisputed plastic recycling veteran. During his 40 years in the business, he has developed the depth of knowledge necessary to identify each type of plastic and determine how it can and should be processed.